The boxing twins

MAS Training & Consulting fördert die Hansen Zwillinge seit 2012 als die Sportler sich für den Boxsport entschieden haben.

The boxing twins: Ousainou & Assan Hansen

 -Darmstadt Boxen TG 1875-

Assan Hansen April 2019 -  „World Cup“  (ex Chemie Cup) in Colone 3.- Bronze for GER

Ousainou Hansen April 2019  „Montana Cup“ in Paris 3.- Bronze for GER.

Ousainou German Champion 2016 – Assan German Champion 2017

Assan Hansen German vice Campion ELITE (men) 2018



Assan Hansen German vice Campion ELITE (men) December 2018


Assan Hansen and head coach Eugen Rempel and Ousainou Hansen, the best and most successful coach 2016/17

in the state of Hesse!!!



Fighters, coaches and fans:  Hessian team championship 2016, earned 2nd place for the TG 75 Darmstadt!

Mariam is happy about the Hansen twins! Cheering and inspiring. A very big fan of the Hansen twins!!!!!


Ousainou Hansen 01.2018 – 1. Bundesliga!


Assan Hansen (Germany just 18, new in the men's class and against the world's best at eye level!

Super fight- 1. Bundesliga!



Victory in Final Fight, German Championship 2016


Ousainou Hansen the German Champion 2016!!!



The German Champion 2016: Ousainou Hansen!!!!


Assan Hansen, Victory, German Championship 2017



Victory in Final Fight, German Championship 2017

-Victory!!!!-  Assan Hansen the German Champion 2017!!!

Assan Hansen 17.06.2017-the German Champion 2017!!!



The German Champion 2017: Assan Hansen!!!!


Head Coach Eugen Rempel TG 75

-Assan Hansen the German Champion 2017!!!-

Pasquale Ferraro, Youth supervisor - Hessian Boxing Association

The proud parents of the Hansen twins!!!

Many, many thanks to all the supporters who enable our boys to achieve this success.